Vizaroo’s Circuit Kit

Vizaroo’s Electronic Circuit Kit

Vizaroo’s Electronic Circuit Kit is a great introduction to the world of electronics.  Experience the thrill of seeing your electronic projects come to life!  This kit is both FUN and EDUCATIONAL, which makes it an ideal gift for for anyone ages 10+.

Hands-On Educational Fun

Engage in learning by doing hands-on experiments using a solderless breadboard.  No soldering or tools necessary–plug-n-play! The kit includes a power adapter plug, so you will never run out of power.  Make your projects portable by using the provided 9v battery connector (battery not included).

Ultimate Circuit Experiment Guide

The Project Manual makes it easy to learn about electronics with full-color illustrations that explain how each component works.  Use easy-to-read diagrams to build and learn about circuits. The 45-page manual includes over 20 projects, such as:

  • Tilt Switch Alarm
  • Touch Activated LED
  • Dark Sensing Buzzer
  • Adjustable Light Sensor

The Project Manual is available on

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